NSGREA is the “Voice to Government”, on behalf of both government & general employees of Nova Scotia. NSGREA’s membership includes, but is not limited to; Maintenance, Nurses, Transport Operators, Secretaries, Technicians, Directors, Teachers and Deputy Ministers. NSGREA is dedicated to the well-being of retirees who are in receipt of a pension from the NS Public Servant Pension Plan, which includes the NS Power Corp, the NS Liquor Commission, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (NS Tranportation) as well as NS Public Servants. NSGREA’s main purpose is to monitor our Pension & Health Plan. Having said that, NSGREA’s membership consists of Seniors, and issues which are so related would also be areas of involvement.

NSGREA has two ad hoc programs which are offered across the Province.

No.1 is the "Older Person Safe Driving Program". This program is for Seniors aged 65 and older with a Nova Scotia Driving Permit. The program is free to those who meet these criteria. NSGREA has issued over 1000 certificates to those who have taken the program since its inception back in 2002.

No. 2 is “Senior - The Handy Person”. This program is offered in any community by volunteers who have a variety of maintenance skills such as repairing leaky taps or running toilets, changing light bulbs, fixing clothes lines etc. All are low maintenance.     

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477 Cobequid Road, Unit 2 (Upstairs), Lower Sackville, Nove Scotia, CANADA   B4C 4E9
(902) 865-5050   or   1-800-677-8666   office@nsgrea.ca

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