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To enroll in ANY of the Benefit Programs listed below, you must first become a member of NSGREA   (Click HERE to join)

GMS Dental Plan   (for ALL members of NSGREA)  
GMS Travel Plan Option 1 - Travel Star  
(for ALL members of NSGREA)

GMS Travel Plan Option 2  
(only for NEW members of the NSGREA Dental Plan)  

Plan Direct Life Insurance   (Guaranteed Issue Deferred Benefit)

Assumption Life - Golden Protection Life Insurance   (Immediate Protection)

Johnson Insurance   (Home & Auto Insurance)  

MHCSI   (Prescription Drugs Discount Program)

InnoviCares   (Brand Name Drug Program)

NSGREA introduced,
through Group Medical Services, a Dental Plan benefit program to our members back in 2008.   Since then, NSGREA has introduced additional benefit programs dealing with Life Insurance and Travel, including  UPDATES  designed to meet the needs of the major demographics of the association.   NSGREA continues to associate itself with Johnson Incorporated, providing our members with access to voluntary Automobile and Home Insurance programs.   At our annual convention in September of 2009, a mandate was given to the Provincial Executive to pursue, through Managed Health Care Services Inc, a Prescription Drugs benefit program, which has since become available to our members on a voluntary basis.   

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For further information and enrolment instructions, please follow the links below.

Dental Plan

Effective as of August 1/2022

   Rates & Schedule of Benefits  

Enrolment Form
Dental/Travel renewal rates (AUGUST 1, 2022)

  Dental Plan Summary  

Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement
(NEW - 1st month premium isn't needed to be sent in as noted)

Please contact Mr. David Lawand of Employee Benefits Plus with any issues or concerns.
Office Phone: 902-539-5055     Email:

To enrol in the Dental Plan, you must first be a member of NSGREA   (Click HERE to join)

Travel Plan Option 1

(for ALL NSGREA members)

Emergency Medical / Trip Cancellation / Baggage Loss Protection

Click  HERE  for information about the Plan, to receive a quote or to apply for coverage

  Travel Plan Option 2

(for NEW Dental Plan members ONLY)

Effective as of August 1/2022

 Updated 30 day multi trip plan

Enrolment Form

Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement

To enrol in Travel Plan Option 2, you must first be enrolled in our Dental Plan

Life Insurance

Guaranteed Issue
Deferred Benefit

 Updated - effective February 1st, 2011

Rates & Schedule of Benefits

Enrolment Form

assumption life
Golden Protection
Life Insurance

Immediate Coverage

Further Information

Golden Protection Application Form

Rates are posted on Page 8 of the Application Form
All applications must be signed and mailed to Employee Benefits Plus

Johnson Insurance

Prescription Drugs Discount Program

Managed Health Care Services Inc

An innovative Atlantic Canadian-based pharmacy benefit manager specializing in preferred provider pharmacy solutions.

NSGREA is a member group of the Atlantic Canada Health Care Coalition Society, to which MHCSI is a benefit provider.

Click  HERE  for current information
on the MHCSI Preferred Supplementary Pharmacy Benefit Program

To enrol in the Prescription Drugs Discount Program, as well as receive great discounts on front store purchases at Lawton's Drugs with the Lawton's Client Group Discount Card, you must first be a member of NSGREA
(Click HERE to join)

Brand Name Supplementary Prescription Drug Coverage

A unique benefit program providing retirees with the choice to stay on brand name medications at the generic price.

Plan Overview


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